Terms and Conditions


  • Method of delivery is at the discretion of Xeno Diagnostics, LLC with exclusion of all liability for late or lost shipments.
  • Xeno Diagnostics, LLC is not responsible for delivery delays due to weather conditions.
  • Delivery times can be estimated, but delivery times are not guaranteed or legally binding.


  • A purchase order is required, please send by email or fax. Verbal PO's are acceptable, please call.
  • Payment on products and services is required within 15 days on the delivery of products or services, unless otherwise indicated.

Price Policy:

  • Xeno Diagnostics, LLC's prices are subject to change without prior notice to customers.
  • Please request a current price quotation by email or phone to confirm the most current pricing.
  • All shipping and handling charges will be reflected on the invoice upon delivery of product.
  • Shipping and handling charges will vary according to the weight and size of the package, the shipping options and location, and delivery destination.

Use of Goods:

  • All products received from Xeno Diagnostics, LLC are intended exclusively for "In Vitro Use Only", research use exclusively, there are no exceptions to this use of goods policy.
  • Xeno Diagnostics, LLC products are not intended for use in any human beings.
  • Xeno Diagnostics, LLC does not accept any liability for the improper use of our catalog products and services by any customer or third party.
  • Products and services are intended for research and teaching institutions, commercial enterprises, and public researchers for "In Vitro Use Only" not intended for human use or clinical applications.


  • In no event will Xeno Diagnostics, LLC be liable to a customer, third party or anyone for damages or injury resulting from the use or misuse of Xeno Diagnostics, LLC products or services.
  • The customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Xeno Diagnostics, LLC and its employees and representatives for any damages incurred as a result of Xeno Diagnostics, LLC products.
  • By ordering products or services from Xeno Diagnostics, LLC the customer agrees to the outlined terms and conditions listed herein.


  • We provide a customer satisfaction guarantee and will replace all products that do not meet the manufacturers specifications claimed in the certificate of analysis provided to the customer.
  • The warranty period is valid for a six (6) month period starting from the date of delivery of the product to the customer shipping site, provided all storage suggestions are followed by the customer.
  • Xeno Diagnostics, LLC products are not intended for re-sale. The re-sale of products is not permitted under any condition in the United States or foreign countries, unless otherwise indicated in writing by Xeno Diagnostics, LLC.
  • Any rights awarded to the customer arising during the sale are not transferable to any third parties.