PCR Assays

  Both qPCR and routine PCR with agarose gel documentation services are available for the listed assays.  Our porcine assays have been developed with specific primer sets and have been tested utilizing a porcine peripheral blood derived macrophage. We can provide qPCR on submitted cDNA specimens or perform rtPCR for mRNA specimens followed by cDNA analysis. To request the development of an unlisted PCR assay, or to inquire about other assays that are currently being developed, please contact us via phone or email, or by submitting an online inquiry > Submit Inquiry


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Catalog No. Description (Analyte) Specificity Price (USD)





20021 IL-1B Porcine $137.00
20031 IL-6 Porcine $137.00
20041 IL-10 Porcine $137.00
20051 TNFa Porcine $137.00
20061 TGFb Porcine $137.00
20071 Adiponectin R1 Porcine $137.00
20081 Adiponectin R2 Porcine $137.00